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Short history of JJ

Our story began back in the fall of 2017. We came to an idea to build a business that would be connected with something that we can enjoy doing and experience the new luxury. We then visited Dominican Republic in 2020 where the first seeds of our company’s ideas where planted.  We learnt about cigars from domestic experts, saw the process of making cigars and handmade first line of JJ cigars that you love so much – JJ Robusto, JJ Gigante, JJ Torpedo and JJ Belicoso

Find Cigars that Complement
Your Favorite Drink

Pairing a cigar with the right beverage can kick your flavor experience up a notch or two.  Think of how a caramel-toffee whiskey and a rich, creamy cigar taste. Delicious, right?


JJ Belicoso & your favorite cognac

Bourbon brings needed sweetness to the leather and dark toast of stronger cigars, while even milder cigars can generally stand up to all but the strongest of bourbons because of their lush barrel notes.

JJ Robust & your favorite Espresso​

A medium cigar with nutty, or lightly spiced, flavors will suit a medium roast nutty coffee, or even something cocoa-based, like a mocha. Stronger cigars, such as our JJ Belicoso, are likely to be more spicy or leathery in flavor, which will work well with a strong, full-bodied roast, bringing out the acidic undertones of both.

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